Citroen Berlingo Van ABS system faulty

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Citroen Berlingo Van ABS system faulty

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Hi all,

I'm new to this, and apologies if this has been done a thousand times, though I'm having problems with my Citroen Berlingo Van (Diesel - 2015) ABS system.

The ABS warning light (EPC system) used to come on very intermittently, and would usually (weirdly) when the air conditioning was on. More so recently though, the light and subsequent warning comes on, pretty much all the time and pretty much instantly.. I have changed the sensors on both fronts as assumed this would be the issue. Have plugged a diagnostics machine in, though as the fault only appears when driving, and the machine only works when the van ignition etc is off, it doesn't detect any faults. The fault also resets itself after the engine / ignition has been switched off. So each time I start to drive, the fault is not there, as soon as i break and again more so when the wheel is slightly turned either way, bing ! The awful warning light and noise appear..

If anyone has any ideas or could help, I've seen someone has replaced a relay in there's before and this eradicated the fault for them, though when looking for the relay (under the bonnet fuse box, in front of the fuse box) the relay doesn't seem to be situated here..

Many thanks in advance and again, apologies if this has been completely exhausted before..