Anti-roll bar on Mk1 Expert/806

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Anti-roll bar on Mk1 Expert/806

Post by Wookey »

My van (1.9D) didn't come with a front anti-roll bar. But does have the mounts for the bushes. I notice that the 806 TD I got a lot of bits from many years ago did have one. I should have taken it then, but it was a long day and I skipped it.

So, as I have both front suspension side off at the moment, now would be a good time to put in an anti-roll bar if there is any point. Is there? Has anyone tried this? I presume it's helpful, especially when the van is heavily loaded, but I drive like a total grandad generally so maybe will see very little benefit?

So I know the 806 TD had the bar. Did any other variants of the Mk1 van have one? I see the Mk2 van does have a bar, but the design is different and so are the drop links. Presumably if I just buy some bushes and drop links the 806 bar (for the 1997 model-year) should fit the mk1 van, right?

Anyone got one they want to get rid of?