Newbie and strange maps

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Newbie and strange maps

Post by Phil65 »

Hi, I am a new owner of a 2018 DS7, unfortunately picking it up just before the lockdown so haven't managed to do too many miles yet. But those miles I have done have caused me some confusion on the Map.

I have the map set to show 3D Buildings (don't ask me how - it is so, I assume because that was how it was setup when I picked it up), now it shows my house and the town around me in nice (and correct) 3D view, but if I drive out of area into much bigger towns (like Brighton or Worthing) it doesn't even show the shadow of the buildings - just the roads. If it had been the other way around I might not of questioned it! Now the car was prior to my ownership owned by Citroen (or DS) as either a demo or a managers car (just under 2 years old and under 6K miles). I assumed it would display 3D as you moved into the area as it was part of the mapping database, but it does seem to update outside of the area I am in. Noticeably the DS dealer I bought if from is in the same area as I live and it used to be at a dealer in Oxford (they left the saved locations on the map) and if I view that area the buildings are in 3D - odd?

The other thing that does seem to be right is when showing Radio stations Radio 1 shows the correct icon but any other station does show an icon - just the text saying what it is.

So it looks like I am not doing something that used to work? Is there something I am supposed to do differently.

Have to say I like the car, was expecting the 1.6 Petrol to be a bit gutless but it has surprised me, but would like more information in the manuals as to how things should work.

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Re: Newbie and strange maps

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome Phil.

The issue is not the system but the maps.

Only some areas are provided in 3D. Usually this is the larger cities and tourist places, but is entirely down to the map data provided by the supplier of the maps. In my C5 I can get areas of Cardiff and Paris in 3D (of course) for example, but other towns and cities revert back to 2D. It just depends on the City as to which ones they have done so far.

As for the Radio stations - it probably depends on the stations and the data they decide to transmit. Most RDS or DAB stations now will show radio text - but again it is dependent upon the station.

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Re: Newbie and strange maps

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hello and :welc: to the Forum.

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Re: Newbie and strange maps

Post by Iansel »

With regard to the Radio issue. On my saved programs the VHF program shows a different icon to the DAB program even though they are nominally same.

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Re: Newbie and strange maps

Post by Phil65 »

Hi, thanks for the welcome and advice - I agree about the maps - that was what I expected - big towns show and little towns don't, but Brighton is vast compared to where I live (a small coast town) and the fact that it even shows the shape of my conservatory on the 3D of my house! - shame you can't get info on what should be there and what shouldn't be available. Does anyone know who provides the maps for the DS? I know TomTom do the traffic service, but not sure its their maps.

I'll try the VHF and see what happens. From my previous car (Merc) I had all the 'proper' Radio icons showing and cross checked with my daughters SEAT and that shows all icons so somewhere it doesn't seem to be picking up something somewhere.

It has stated I have a Touchscreen Update (which may include maps as before it showed I needed a map update but not a touchscreen update. I have downloaded it (eventually!) and setup my zip drive - now just need to plug and watch - anybody had experience of doing this?

Still what else have I got to do except sit in the car and play with the touchscreen :)

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Re: Newbie and strange maps

Post by PowerLee »

My 308 has a very similar NAC system WAVE 2 to your DS7 WAVE 3

Prepare your USB stick as per the instructions on the site where you download your updated media from.

If you have more then 1 USB port fitted unplug any other devices.

Start the car, disable the stop / start system, insert your USB stick & then follow the onscreen instructions on the touch screen.

The screen will reboot during the updating process.

Make sure the update is allowed to fully finish before you switch off the engine.