Paint for wing mirror

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Paint for wing mirror

Unread post by pdig »

Hello and thank you for reading this message.

Our car is a 2012 reg C3 Picasso. The wing mirror was hit and damaged, so I bought a new one (heated and electric). The new mirror is primed in black. Which black gloss spray paint would be suitable for the wing mirror please?

Thank you!

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Re: Paint for wing mirror

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I would have thought that any touch up spray cans would, the single pack stuff is generally acrylic, smells like cellulose but gives an excellent finish. I sprayed a wing and front panel on an XM with it and it looked fine.


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Re: Paint for wing mirror

Unread post by Gibbo2286 »

You can get the matching colour from the dealer using the paint code. they usually come as two cans wrapped together, base coat and lacquer. cost about £9 last time I bought one.