failed 163HP 2.0 Hdi engine

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failed 163HP 2.0 Hdi engine

Post by jgra1 »

hi all, I was just packing a head up for sale on ebay and noticed an oddity.. head all looks fine, valves all sitting up where they should.

The head came from the original engine in my X7, which I replaced when I bought the car.
The previous owner said a failure and lack of oil pressure at speed (I think, was some years ago)

The oddity was the slave camshaft sprocket was loose! It now transpires that the first camshaft bearing for the front shaft is destroyed.. hence the sprocket rotating..

My question, just for fun, is what order of failure happened on that fateful day for the last owner.

Early investigations showed the turbo bearings to have gone, and a vane snapped off the oil pump.

Any thoughts welcome ;) some of us have these engines in our cars at the moment!

for no good reason, I am leaning to oil pump taking out 1 camshaft bearing and one turbo.. but I would appreciate other scenarios