Temperature sensor faulty?

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Temperature sensor faulty?

Post by Gazzaman22 »

C5 II 5 DOOR SALOON 1.6 HDi 110 particle emission filter (DV6TED4) Manual gearbox 5

Hi, would I need to change my temperature sensor, cooling fan runs at such odd times, started up the car the other morning and it was running after 1 minute.

Suggestions welcome, as to what might be causing the issue, is it easy to change?


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Re: Temperature sensor faulty?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Be aware that the radiator cooling fan will engage when the Air Conditioning is active - which is normal. You can rule this out by manually turning the A/C off using the A/C button on the climate control panel. If the engine is cold and you have the A/C switched off, then the fan shouldn't be on immediately.