Air con fan.

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Air con fan.

Post by Dave308 »

Good evening everyone after some help please.

So up untill a week ago my aircon was working fine and the condenser fan would cut in and out every few minutes so no problems all was ok.

Now my aircon stoped working last week the compressor was not engaging so i had a chap come out today and it seems the system was low on gas so he emptied the system done a vacume pressure test all good refilled system and i now have ice cold aircon.

But now the condenser fan is running constantly where as before it would switch on and off itself.

If i switch air con off fan stops running if i switch aircon back on compressor engages and fan starts running now i know my around cars but im not to clued up on air con systems.

I have attached a video of fan running this is with air con running.

Can anyone confirm this is correct as in your car is the same

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Re: Air con fan.

Post by admiral51 »

I suspect that the cooling fan is running as intended now that the A/C has proper pressure and oil etc within the system, it needs to be running constantly when the A/C is running.
I suspect the reason the fan was cutting in and out before was because of low pressure and that would probably have meant that the compressor was also cutting in/out at the same time.