1.6hdi Oil dipstick tube removal

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1.6hdi Oil dipstick tube removal

Post by thebrasso »

Hi there,
Is it possible to remove the oil dipstick tube on a 1.6hdi engine?, The dipstick broke a while back and im convinced there is still a bit of it in there, as the new metal one is difficult to push in?

as ever, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Much Love!

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Re: 1.6hdi Oil dipstick tube removal

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This is in 2 parts. There is the dipstick itself, then the first guide tube, then a second guide tube from under the engine into the oil sump.

The older dipsticks were renowned for breaking off and Citroen gave up removing the sumps to fish them out as the strainer will prevent them from being picked up, so they no longer bother apparently.
oil guide.PNG
(12) is the first guide and (11) is the second part.