weird ESP problem - need advice (C4 Grand Picasso, 2014)

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weird ESP problem - need advice (C4 Grand Picasso, 2014)

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Hi All,

I'm in a very difficult personal circumstances and need to drive A LOT in coming days for family reasons and the car I've bought half year ago (yet again) gave me a headache!

I'm not sure what to do, please advice.

Story goes like this:

Month ago the car (Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 2014 MK II 1.6 HDI/BlueHDI 115 ETG6 auto) had clutch and dual mass replaced (I don't think it's anything to do with current problem, but mentioning just in case).

So yesterday, we had car packed, all in and started driving our 1000 miles journey (essential reasons!) but car after like 60 miles lost power and ESP/ASR Error on the dash. We managed to get back home, but we still need to go.

This morning I tried to start car and it started ok, "check engine" still on, but drives ok - power is ok. After the drive, I stopped the engine and started it back and... "check engine" is off! What a hell?

I've bought AutoLink AL319 (can you believe that amazon delivers on Sundays?) and checked error code and it showed: P0271 (Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit High).

Ah, and this: it may be important: day before the failure, I looked into fuse box (glove box one) and there's planty of cables packed in a really messy way, and I had to move them around to find fuse I wanted to check.

Have you ever heard about similar problem?
Can I drive like this and hope that erasing the code from a computer will let me drive again?
Does this sound like it's really problem with injector?
What would you suggest I should do? What to replace to be able to drive?