Berlingo DW8 advance solenoid knocking ?

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Berlingo DW8 advance solenoid knocking ?

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Hi, new member, first post. I have an intermittent diesel knock on my 2007 Berlingo DW8 engine with the Lucas pump. Starts perfect and idle's well but with faint knocking that gets considerably worse with a few revs. It's the same cold or hot but cleared for a bit when I cracked the lift pin injector nut but returned after a half mile only to clear again immediately then return again after a quarter mile. Have a P1689 fault code that wont clear but no engine light illuminated. I've read the lift pin injector should have 100ohmn resistance across it, mine is 118ohmn is this to much ? When this is unplugged with engine running it makes no difference to knock. I'm now leaning towards advance solenoid on pump, does anyone have any test data for the solenoid or experience in diagnosing a faulty solenoid.
Many Thanks in advance