Dire need of remote-turn-on on the RT6

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Dire need of remote-turn-on on the RT6

Post by raqall »

Hello once again!

I did a complete reinstall of the audio system in my Citroen C5 X7 (amplifier install, sound deadening, speaker replacement, sub-woofer in the trunk), wish you could hear it! :twisted: I originally had a RD4 head unit which I replaced with RT6 and its screen using custom-made harness thanks to the schematics posted here on forum.

The only issue I have now is the remote-trurn-on wire, or the lack of it.

If I push the on/off button on the unit's panel to shut the radio off I can still hear amplifier's noise coming out of the speakers and it drives me crazy - it is not much, but it is still there. Plus, the amplifier should not be active if nothing is being played through the radio.

According to some docs I found RD4's Pin 11 is a "+12 v switched remote - the signal output to activate external devices (amp)",
RT6 which I have, according to post on this forum states that pin "11 Channel not connected".

So the question is: does RT6 have remote-turn-on functionality? but just "not being used"? I don't really feel like pulling the head unit out again to check that :/.