Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

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Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

Post by stevestix8 »

Hi all,

Have an interesting problem, thought I would ask if anyone else has had the same prob.

For a while the immobilser relay (Bitron 240109) see pic, has been causing an occasional prob on start up, I would hear a clicking and identified the relay as the prob, I would open the box under bonnet and disconnect and reconnect cables and it would start fine again. This would be fine on startup for months after that.
Today tapping it and reconnected cables made no difference, it keeps making a clicking noise with a flashing key symbol on the dashboard, I assume the part is original which is 22 yrs this year, so am assuming the relay has failed beyond repair.

Have looked and can still get them new at around £15.00, which may be best option.

Is there any other possible cause for this? Any other possible fixes?



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Re: Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

Post by thorter »

Check positive battery leads bundle. The feed wire to the ECU may be down to one or two strands.

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Re: Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

Post by xantia_v6 »

The (RHD) Xantia can also suffer from corroded wires in the harness (10AV) that runs under the radiator, which can cause strange symptoms before total failure.

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Re: Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

Post by CitroenCrazy »

FWIW, when I had my XM, I had very similar symptoms, which were completely resolved with a new bitron relay.

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Re: Xantia 2.0l Hdi 110bhp Bitron relay

Post by ksanturion10 »

Probably it already reached its operating limit -> buy new - preferably original ;)