Citroen Relay 2.2 2013

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Citroen Relay 2.2 2013

Post by mctb62 »

I have a non starting 2013 2.2 relay. Van turns over will fire with starter fluid but not run. No lights on dash or messages. No fuel or pressure at the injectors. Cut off switch ok. Unsure were relays are as no diagrams online all fuses ok. Ideas

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Re: Citroen Relay 2.2 2013

Post by Amigoo33 »

No fuel or pressure? If no fuel start tracking it down. See where it stops. Its fairly short road on these vans. Start with a fuel tank and go further. Check all connections to pumps and valves. Multimeter would be a good start assuming you have no access to a scan tool. Use common knowledge etc.