C5 X7 1.6 eHDI U1218

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C5 X7 1.6 eHDI U1218

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GiveMeABreak wrote:
21 Mar 2019, 21:04
The U1218 fault can relate to an intersystems CAN fault in relation to the STOP Start system if you have this fitted.

First post your VIN up here so I can identify your vehicle.
Hi, sorry to reply to an old post. Im getting this same code on my 1.6 e-hdi. The car does have stop start. Any clues on where i could start?


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Re: C5 X7 1.6 eHDI U1218

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I've split this into a new topic.

Please confirm that this is for a C5 X7 and can you provide ALL the fault codes you have and any symptoms of the problems.