Does not in front of the car C5X7

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Does not in front of the car C5X7

Post by paradiss »

Dear forum users, good evening! I really need your advice. Today I decided to loosen the yoke a little on the pit and put the front of the car in position. The car was wound up, the yoke loosened the car fell but a little more than necessary, I decided to present a little in reverse order, here is where the surprise was waiting, the car raised its muzzle to the maximum position, when trying to lower the yoke, before the car does not react. Only light reacts, either higher or lower. The sensor itself and the thrust to the sensor were replaced in October 19. The most interesting thing is still in Diagbox, he writes that "the suspension with electronic control is a communication error»
I don't know what to do now

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Re: Does not in front of the car C5X7

Post by xantia_v6 »

You should check all the fuses, including the maxi-fuse for the suspension pump. It is possible that all the work that the pump was doing while you adjusted things has caused a fuse to blow. If that continues to happen, you may also have a problem with contamination inside the pump motor.

I think that you have written your message in your own language and used a translation engine to convert it to English. Some of the words and phases are a little strange, so maybe I have misunderstood what you were saying. I think that you were trying to adjust the height of your front suspension by moving the clamp on the bar that connects to the front height sensor, but that your suspension is now stuck at maximum height and diagbox cannot communicate with the suspension ECU.