Alternative to ServiceBox

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Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by 411514 »

Now that ServiceBox is charging for data, I thought members may be interested to know of

You can search by VIN, and it pulls data from ServiceBox, so you can find the same technical diagrams and part numbers as ServiceBox.

I understand that Marc feels Catcar isn't sufficiently precise, but I find it useful nonetheless.
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Re: Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by Stickyfinger »

But it is a good basic guide with images showing where "that bit" is located :) :) ....I need that help because .....I will let the doctors tell me why one day :)
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Re: Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Looks useful and is easier to navigate than servicebox I find.
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Re: Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by moizeau »

Thanks Sam
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Re: Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by mickthemaverick »

Looks a good diy first port of call which may help reduce the load on the admin staff which must be a good thing. If you can't get what you need you can still post a help message after trying! :)
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Re: Alternative to ServiceBox

Post by GiveMeABreak »

For the purposes of clarification, and a balanced view, we have already looked into this website and you need to be aware of the following:
  • As it stands, the site is a 'Demo' site.
  • It will not pull the specific data off by VIN - in fact it provides all part variants for the model, so it is not correct to say it is VIN-specific and will therefore not necessarily be accurate for the user's own vehicle - especially where the trim levels are different.
  • It will still list parts not fitted to all models, which adds to the inaccuracy.
  • There are no prices available if you follow it through.
  • To get specific information by VIN, one has to fill in a registration form and send a list off to an account Manager.
  • We also have no way to ascertain how up to date and accurate the data is as far as replacement parts go.
So this may well be fine if you want to look at a diagram and take a chance on a part number, but will never be as quick and as accurate as we can obtain along with current pricing information.

We are not discouraging members to use their own resources, far from it. However, in order to provide the most accurate data including superseded part numbers and up to date information to members, we opted to subscribe to ServiceBox directly in order to maintain a service that was once free for all to use. This service has a significant cost and is funded by donations from members - many of whom have commented on what great value a small donation is considering the alternative costs of individual subscriptions.

The choice is of course is down to individuals and their own requirements.