Steering issue after tight turn (either direction) C2 Code

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Steering issue after tight turn (either direction) C2 Code

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Hi, I'm completely stumped with this one....
After making a relatively tight turn, in either direction, you straighten up but the car wants to keep going the direction you've just turned. This is evident as if you let go of the wheel it pulls back the way you just turned, regardless of whether you turned left or right, it always wants to pull left or right for hundreds of meters afterwards.
The power steering is still light with no funny noises, I pulled the fuse and drove, but the problem was still there.
The uj has been lubed up.
There are no knocks from the suspension.
The car drives perfectly straight, when it behaves, until you make a right turn and straighten back up. Shallow turns don't cause the issue.
I've looked at the rear axle mounts but if one had failed surely it should only pull one way if, when you steer, it moves and causes passive rear steering.

Any ideas?

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Re: Steering issue after tight turn (either direction) C2 Code

Post by wheeler »

First thing that springs to mind here is possible top strut bearings starting to seize.
I would jack it up with both front wheels hanging free, disconnect the track rod ends from the hub assembly then manually pivot the wheel to see if the struts are turning nice & free.
Also check for broken springs.