c5x7 1.6ehdi 8v clattery engine and other issues

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c5x7 1.6ehdi 8v clattery engine and other issues

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i have a c5x7 2012 1.6ehdi dv6c stop start and after fixing two wiring loom faults which gave an abs fault and second a push switch wired in as it would not start from the key traced first abs fault to 1 of its 12v supplies missing due to broken loom the starting issue was a broken wire in loom from the egs gearbox ecu and the engine ecu

but i am having recurring fault codes in the engine ecu p3007 p3027 air circuit low aftersales intermittent then eventually the mil illiuminates although does not go into limp mode
the car when driving hesitates and kangaroos aound 2000rpm so i change down and it improves i feel it is not as liveley.

i have replaced the maf twice one good tested used one and a new one the egr has been replaced as has the map sensor with new
the variable geometry turbo i have stripped and checked cleaned the vnt mech no play in the turbo or any other issues o2 sensor replaced with new air doser checked replaced intercooler cleaned out air filter checked and ok
i have done actuator tests on air circuit and one that fails is pressure test reports the actuator operated correctly but there was no presssurisation of air.

now it has an intermittent start problem as you will see in one of the two videos here taken today
the other thing i find is the engine has what i call diesel clatter it certainly isnt ,cam or other engine parts its ok on start up but then gets noisey especially on acceleration but quietens at higher revs
the second video will let you here this also videos taken 20 minutes apart and car started fine as it did first thing this morning until lunchtime when it would not start again

to note car does not smoke does not lose any oil or coolant and other than the above drives ok

first video when it wouldnt sart correctly

second video when it started ok but diesel clatter