407 Seats Project

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407 Seats Project

Post by Techguy78 »

Hi All
This is my first post hopefully in the right place and maybe some help.
My beloved 407 coupe engine has gone to the afterlife :( .
And the boss says it needs to go as i already have 3 projects with cars on the go.
So my plan is to remove the front and rear seats and make a nice set of seats for my man cave :-D
my issue is i would like to get power to the front seats does anybody know can the seat control module be powered or does anyone here have a wiring diagram of the control module.
All help and info greatly appreciated.
I have attached a image of the module Image
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Re: 407 Seats Project

Post by Paul-R »

Your image isn't showing. Can I suggest you upload your photo here to the forum server rather than posting a link.

Click on Full Editor & Preview
Click on the Attachments tab
Click on Add files button and then browse to where your photo is stored.