Peugeot Partner - black smoke

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Peugeot Partner - black smoke

Post by ollie-rostoff »

Morning all,

Over the weekend I fitted a 2nd hand engine into a Peugeot Partner which had a failed engine. The engine code is DV6DTED 9HF.

The engine runs smooth and there are no fault codes stored however if I rev it from idle there is a lot of black smoke from the exhaust.
It doesn’t seem to do this when driving the vehicle just if it’s parked up and I rev it.

Can anyone shed any light on what could be causing this? When swapping the DPF over to the new engine I did notice clumps of soot dropping out if I knocked the DPF but surely it would smoke all the time if this was the cause?


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Re: Peugeot Partner - black smoke

Post by Peter.N. »

Black smoke is generally due to lack of air so the burn is incomplete. Don't know your engine from the number but the DPF would not normally have that effect.

Try disconnecting the air inlet pipe from the manifold, if that stops it there is a restriction in the air intake circuit somewhere. Assuming this is a turbo, check all the pipes to and from the turbocharger and make sure nothing has got squashed.


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Re: Peugeot Partner - black smoke

Post by white exec »

Agree - insufficient air, or too much fuel.