Drivers side door unlocking

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Drivers side door unlocking

Post by Andrewmcnab »


I am having a problem with my C3s central locking. It's a 2019 plate, just over a year old.

Everything was fine with it, then one day the car alarm started randomly going off. This continued to happen everytime I locked the car.

The problem seems to be that the car seems to think the front, drivers side door is opening, so when that happens after it's locked the alarm goes off. Now, when I'm driving I get a message on the screen telling me the door is open, alongside a dashboard light and an irritating sound. Sometimes it randomly all stops, sometimes I need to open and shut the door, sometimes it just keeps going.

When I park up and try to use the fob, the central locking clicks twice, like it's locking and unlocking. I had taken to using the key manually and turning it twice to deadlock it. That sometimes worked, but sometimes that wouldn't even lock it despite the doors all being closed. In this case I would tend to open and close the driver door a few times till eventually the locking worked.

Tonight however I cannot shift the dashboard light telling me the door is open, even when it's fully closed. Meaning when I go to lock it it's not having it at all. Manually or using the fob.

The car has suffered no damage or impact and everything was working fine until it suddenly wasn't. Every other system is working as normal. I have tried resetting the BSI to no effect.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have it booked in to a Citroen garage in a couple weeks but obviously I'd like to try any home remedies if they are available.


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Re: Drivers side door unlocking

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Your car is under warranty - so take it back straight away - don't muck about trying to resolve it yourself or they may decline to do it.

It sounds like the door contact switch - which tells the BSI that the door is not closed properly - and that is also why the alarm is going off. Get the faulty pin / contact switch sorted and the rest will fall into place. Don't let them charge you either - 3 year warranty / 60,000 miles the last time I checked.