ECU telecoding

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ECU telecoding

Post by hanskj »


Is it possible to telecode an ECU from automatic gearbox to Manuel. The ECU in question is an edc16cp39 fitted to a C5 2.2 HDI biturbo from 2007

The reason I'm asking is because I have to swab it because the old one was shorted by accident :-( I have ECU, BSI, keys, transponder etc. on eBay

Reards Hans

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Re: ECU telecoding

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You'll need to code in ALL the options and equipment fitted to the vehicle on the replacement BSI and as for the engine ECU - you will have to select the correct gearbox (long or short manual gearbox) and check that the injector classes are the same most probably, the diesel additive system type, ESP and other options. The best thing would be is to take a listing of all the options from your original BSI and engine ECU first before removing it!

You will also need to check the diesel additive values from the old engine ECU - specifically the amount of additive dumped into the particulate filter and transfer these figures over to the new ECU.

Basically - copy all the values for the configurable options form the BSI and engine ECUs first or you will risk functional and performance issues with the car at some point.