Inconsistent Fault Codes

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Inconsistent Fault Codes

Post by dec1anm »


I had an independent service done recently and the garage ran some diagnostics which showed loads of faults (about 50). I'd noticed a few issues (stop/start being inconsistent, configurable display panel going blank...) so booked it in with Citroen - it's still within 3 year warranty.

Citroen sorted the issues, said that everything was cleared and that everything was fine. Local independent garage kindly ran same diagnostics which again showed lots of issues (using Bosch Esi-tronic). When he tried to clear all the faults, it wouldn't delete 3 of them. They are:

B2FF3 - Unknown fault
B183F - Start/Stop event counter in central electronics control unit, Short circuit to earth
B1505 - Unknown fault, Short circuit to earth

I've been doing a bit of Googling to try and find out more about the errors, before going back to Citroen to look at it again. They will potentially charge £100 for the diagnostics, so trying to find out if they'll be covered by warranty first - it only has a week left!

Is there any official documentation that would tell me, or does anyone here know?

Any help, much appreciated.



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Re: Inconsistent Fault Codes

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The only one I have is:
B183F00: Number of engine starts and / or restarts counter fault: Coherence

All these 'B' codes are internal to a specific ECU (s) and I doubt there is much you can do, so I would get it back a bit quick before the warranty runs out. ECUs are expensive to replace......