2017 Citroen C4 - Apple Carplay - how to enable?

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2017 Citroen C4 - Apple Carplay - how to enable?

Post by George88 »

Hi guys,

I have just taken ownership of a 2017 Citroen C4, we bought it from my wife’s parents (they bought it new). Does anyone know if there is a way of enabling Apple Carplay?

There is an option for it in the menu but when you click Apple car play (or the android equivalent) it says that it needs to be enabled by a Citroen dealership.

My wife’s parents enquired with Citroen soon after they collected the car from new and they weren’t very helpful at all and said it wasn’t possible.

My thinking is that if it’s there in the menu and it says it can be enabled, surely there is a way to do so? We found carplay massively useful in our previous car and really want to get it working if there’s a way.

I’ve read on a few forums (searching on google) and people think that if the head unit shows a software version of 6.x.x then it’s possible. I checked and it does have a software version of 6.x.x.

I would really appreciate it someone could confirm if it’s possible and how to go about enabling the carplay functionality. If I can do it by updating something that would be great or to know exactly what to tell Citroen to do.


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Re: 2017 Citroen C4 - Apple Carplay - how to enable?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It depends on what exact kit and model you have in the vehicle - that is correct it does need enabling by the dealer, but you will need to find a dealer who has some experience of this as not all of them clearly do.

Apple Car Play can be enabled on SMEG+I V2 systems. This involves a software update to at least: 6.1.D.R20. This is available from the dealer (they will have access to a file on their internal network until November 2016, at which point they will have produced enough USBs with the software on to do the update. The USB with software is Part number: 9692067980. So if you ask the dealer and quote this part number they will know what to do - and tell them to follow the information in the Technical Service Bulletin with the following reference: D5AM0103P0.

This will explain everything they need to do including the calibration that may need to be performed afterwards to prevent an echo when using a bluetooth telephone for calls after the update.