C5 Bad starting/ loss of power

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C5 Bad starting/ loss of power

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Just a quick heads up, I have had two C5's (mk 11)with problems which Lexia diagnosed as Electrovalve faulty.

The first was prone to not starting on random occasions but on being left a while would start ok; the second was loss of power when accelerating or on hills.

Both were attributable to the electrovalve (Right hand end of rocker box cover) not providing sufficient fuel flow.

The official Citroen part is, I believe in the region of £100 but the same part can be obtained here for much less:

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-M ... 1854063453

Hope this is of help if you have the above symptoms.

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Re: C5 Bad starting/ loss of power

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Thanks, it pays to shop around. I had similar symptoms but it was the fuel rail sensor.