Peugeot 508 SW, 2012, e-Hdi 1.6 multiple errors, no chance to delete

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Peugeot 508 SW, 2012, e-Hdi 1.6 multiple errors, no chance to delete

Post by gera4ko »

I hope you can help me with experience or suggestions.
I have a 508, 2012, 1.6 e-Hdi from a few days. After attaching it to a Chinese Lexia, 20 different errors accumulated 5 in BSI and 15 in ECU.

The car was empty of DPF additive. We filled the tank and reset the level through the diagbox.
Then we did a DPF cleanup program with three cycles from Diagbox and errors: "Risk of particle filter clogging" "Service" , "Additive level too low" and "engine fault, repair needed" disappeared from the dashboard.
Unfortunately, the car still has the following errors (which cannot be cleared with Lexia, Autodata, Autocom and WoW):

State of the ECU: BSI2010
Faults present : 5
B1003 : Fault: configuration (warning, this fault may be a phantom fault)
U1F00 : Fault event not stored in the faults log
B132D : Heated seats operation authorisation fault
B162C : Fault: accessories positive relay control and status not coherent
U1F27 : fault: absence of communication with the multifunction display

Engine management ECU
Faults present : 20
P1445 : Additive adding
P1AA2 : Voltage retaining device
P1A8A : Power storage battery or voltage retaining device
P11AA : air circuit.
P1694 : controlled engine start and stop.
U1218 : Intersystems CAN.
P1490 : particle filter .
P1446 : Additive adding.
P2563 : Turbocharger.
P1496 : Turbocharger
U1213 : Intersystems CAN.
P0500 : Intersystems CAN.
P0685 : power relay control.
P1499 : Air metering valve.
P2173 : Air metering valve.

When I'm trying to erase the faults with lexia its shows me "erase faults failed", so I cannot recognize which ones are actual. Same story with Autodata, Autocom and WoW, no any diagnostic program is able to delete them.
Also as additional info the old owner has changed the original navigation system/LCD display with some china A-media-auto which is not working as it should. Its reacts very slow and when I'm using the volume up and down sound is coming sound only for 2-3 seconds and than is over. On the dash is also messages "zone not mapped" and "radio off", but I don't know if that can be related to other errors.

I appreciate any ideas and experience in this case.

Million thanks in advance.