Update on turbo underboost problem

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Update on turbo underboost problem

Post by Benscab123 »

So it seems my turbo underboost problem is at last solved. The small nut that adjust the wastegate control arm was just hanging slack in the middle of the arm. Adjusted it and hey presto.......... I now have full turbo power again.
The one remaining problem is the oil leak pooling on top of the wastegate. It seems that whenever I’m giving plenty of throttle, such as up hills, I can smell the oil burning on the engine almost straight away. I have (half an hour ago) changed the old top banjo bolt and copper washers for new Citroen ones. I haven’t had chance to drive it yet (probably tomorrow) but if the leak persists, does anyone have an idea what might be causing it if it’s not the banjo washers ?

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Re: Update on turbo underboost problem

Post by EDC5 »

Fantastic news! Glad it wasnt a huge issue