9HC vs 9HD engines

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9HC vs 9HD engines

Post by Chris570 »

What's the difference?

My 2014 C4 Picasso has had a timing belt failure (despite the cambelt being changed by a supposedly reputable garage in Newport Pagnell) and it's broken a rocker on Cyl 4 (closest to the cambelt end) and as the engine has 140k on it and god knows what other damage has been caused (and 3 injectors being badly worn) I have decided to swap the engine out for a younger one (if I can find one!)

The VIN is VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff] and i'm looking for compatible engines (I know i'll need to recode the injectors).

While I'm here I intend on using the DMF and clutch from the existing engine (it's only done 6k). The car has the EGS box, do I need to depressurise anything or just carefully swap the parts over (I assume the latter as all the tolerances and wear will be the same, just bolted to a different crankshaft!) I intend on lifting the engine and box out as a whole unit from the front if that makes a difference.

Thanks as ever!

Then I can move onto getting my DS running, but so far the modern cars just keep on giving me faults!!