replacing the clutch

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replacing the clutch

Post by Dwilanur »

My son has a C2 1.1 full manual and it looks like the clutch has given up. Can't get it into any gear with the engine running, though the car will start when in gear with clutch pedal pressed.Can't see any see any fluid leaks any where. So it looks like it will be a new clutch. I have changed clutches on old fords etc, so know the basics. I have ramps, axle stands and alignment tools. But i haver never done a front wheel drive version. So how do i go about this clutch change.

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Re: replacing the clutch

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum. To help the Moderators get you the correct information please could you post the VIN here (it will automatically be obscured so only Forum staff can read it).