Electronical issues Xsara

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Electronical issues Xsara

Post by Sjoegerd »

Hi all,

Since august I'm driving a Citroën Xsara 1.6-16v automatic from 2004.
Since december I'm having some issues:

- Sometimes the car doesn't start, there are no lights on the dash and the wipers are constant working. Also the red light on the hazard light button is on.
- Sometimes the electronic windows, rear heater and rear wiper are not working.
- Remote locking doesn't work, also central locking with the key is not working. I already repaired the wiring looms to the doors. First it worked with the car running and using the buttons on the inside but that is not working now anymore.

Does anybody know any solutions or things to check? A local garage told me the BSI is broken (they didn't even look at the car) and it would cost €1000,- to fix.