Stalling engine

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Stalling engine

Post by UncleScrooge »

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my Citroen Xsara 2.0 HDi 90 (Siemens) engine. When the engine is cold and I put it in neutral from any gear while driving (for example like I am about to stop at traffic light), engines RPMs are going down to like 550-600 for a second and return back at ~850 but sometimes the engine is stalling. This thing happen if the outside temperature is under 15C (just low RPMs without stalling) but is more severe when is under 5C (at this temperature engine sometimes stall). I checked for any codes in the computer but there weren't any. So what can cause this problem?

Sorry for my English... Thanks!
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Re: Stalling engine

Post by sanlo »

Hey there, you might want to check the MAP sensor.
I had a similar issue with mine and the map sensor was coated with oil.
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Re: Stalling engine

Post by ksanturion10 »

UncleScrooge wrote:
17 Jan 2020, 17:24
So what can cause this problem?
- World misery in the first place :D

Apart from the stupid joke, almost anything in the engine bay could be related to your problem.

Think I saw similar topic into our local Citroen forum, why not try searching there as a beginning.