Headlining Issues

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Headlining Issues

Post by ACTIVE8 »

Hi everyone.

New Year greetings.

So eventually at some point my headlining after all these years, and gravity, let alone the way they are constructed nowadays with this so called "luxury finish" with the soft look, has dropped in various places. I wish it had the old rod and vinyl type previously used on much older cars, where there is no chance of the same thing happening, and they last so much longer.

Therefore I thought would post this thread up to be able to find out what others have done to overcome the problem.
Currently I have several small magnets in place to hold it back up in my Xantia where the greatest sag has happened in the rear, near the rear window.

I thought about changing it for another one, but that involves a lot of work, and the new to me one might have the same issues, therefore I am trying to avoid doing that, because it would also be an issue getting the right colour, or changing it without damaging the part, as they were probably fitted at the factory prior to the front windscreen, and tailgate were installed making it easier to do in the factory.
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Re: Headlining Issues

Post by Stickyfinger »

Headlining can be removed via the rear tailgate, not hard and easy not to bend/damage.

https://xantia.pagesperso-orange.fr/ref ... e_toit.htm

The BIG plastic sheet is an absolute must :)
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Re: Headlining Issues

Post by GiveMeABreak »

They did use a lot of double sided tape to stick these up - but be careful with that stuff as if you need to get access in future it can often tear the material when trying to peel it off.
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Re: Headlining Issues

Post by Harlequin »

Craig Coleman @ CMS in Bexhill replaced mine ; he has some specialist glue and it did the job very very well