Noisy engine/exhaust

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Noisy engine/exhaust

Post by Med_tech3 »


Recently on my 2011 Peugeot 207 1.4 Diesel I have noticed the engine/exhaust is more noisy. It sounds as if the exhaust is blowing (That boy racer sound). I checked under the car and even got a mechanic to look over it and there are no leaks. He said it may be a baffle that has failed inside the exhaust but it sounds like it is coming from the engine or DPF. Would that be possible? Could it be the fuel injectors leaking?

Any clues of what to look for would be fabulous :)



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Re: Noisy engine/exhaust

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I can't see that leaking fuel injectors would be causing that sort of noise, besides you would soon be getting a fault or notice poor running performance if you had an injection problem.

I would let it develop, but do check air hoses - small nicks int he air hoses (especially tot he turbo) can cause a rasping noise. Having said that, you would of noticed a lack of power I suspect if the leak was significant enough. It's not unheard of for the DPF honeycomb filter element to become loose - but that would mean dismantling it to check the internals. So unless it is extremely annoying - let it develop and see if it gets worse.

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Re: Noisy engine/exhaust

Post by Peter.N. »

Try pressing a wad of rag against the end of the exhaust with the engine running, if there is a leak you will hear a hissing noise. The noise could be coming from the intake side, check the hose from the airbox, turbo and intercooler - if it has all these.