1.6HDI P15A0 & U3FFF

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1.6HDI P15A0 & U3FFF

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Hi all,

Iv got a 2016 308 T9 with the 1.6blue HDI Engine iv had it around 6 months now and it's been fine. When I bought the car it had U3FFF a temporary low fuel pressure fault code logged which cleared and didn't come back. However now every so often when I start it up from cold the engine hunts a little and the service light occasionally comes on as well not all the time tho. The light has only flashed on twice.

It did it this morning again so iv plugged it in and found both U3FFF low fuel pressure and P15A0 oil pressure too high to be logged as temporary faults but they both come back as soon as they are cleared.

I data logged the fuel pressure which seemed fine and matched the desired fuel pressure. I also data logged the oil pressure and found it to be 2.5 bar at idle and goes up when revved to between 3-4. Auto data specs only says 1.3bar is required as minimum pressure but dosent give a normal running or max pressure figure.

Apart from hunting every now and then it runs perfect 99% of the time. Has anyone any ideas around these fault codes.??? *

Thank you