2010 C5 2ltr. Injector clamp.

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2010 C5 2ltr. Injector clamp.

Post by Doneill »

Hi All,

I recently had one of the clamps break in my c5 causing the injector to come out, car has been sat in garage for weeks now and the mechanic is struggling to find a clamp from local dealers, none available until end of month apparently. I just wondering what other cars would have crossover with this engine so I can start going to other dealers. Need the car back as soon as possible for college. Thanks in advance for your help
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Re: 2010 C5 2ltr. Injector clamp.

Post by EDC5 »

The DW10 has been used in many cars from Volvo, Ford, Peugeot, etc. But you will probably need to find the clamps from a vehicle with the same injections system. I know that my age of DW10 came with a Delphi or Siemens system, which I assume have different mounting hardware.
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Re: 2010 C5 2ltr. Injector clamp.

Post by adrianruk »

Hi Doniell
I have today collected my 2010 C5 2.0 160 hdi having had a broken injector clamp replaced. this is the second one to break in the last few weeks. What engine does yours have? The clamps have been available next day from my local Citroen dealer.