Berlingo 1.6hdi split second loss of power

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Berlingo 1.6hdi split second loss of power

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Hi all,
I have had my 57 plate berlingo 1.6hdi for a year now, I did the timing belt a year ago at 110000 miles, had 2 oil and filter changes since. I noticed a problem early on in the fuel system. If the van gets below half a tank it starts spluttering do I just havent let it get down that far but more recently this new problem has started, I changed the fuel filter at the back of the engine a few months ago after having what I thought was fuel starvation issues but turned out to be the issue I mention of going below 1/4 tank. Anyway its like a similar issue now, driving just the other day and at 60mph, it feels like a jolt, no drop in revs but it feels like the engine stops for a split second. To be more specific it seems to be lower down the rev range mostly and when extra load comes on, overtaking, going up hill etc, drop her down a gear she does it.
That's the issue now, I wonder if it is maybe a fuel issue still, possibly a problem with the pickup or sender unit etc, any help or ideas would be much appreciated.