DS5 Locking Issues

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DS5 Locking Issues

Post by Mares »

Another question, I have a problem for a while with keyless driver's door operation, sometimes it operates ok and sometimes it does not operate...it seems it stops operating at all (even after erasing faulty code related to it). Is it possible to swap handles between drivers door and back passenger door for instance? Are they just plug-n-pay or some coding should be done (what about keys)?
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Re: DS5 Locking Issues

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I'm not sure why people think erasing a fault code cures the problem! :?: :-D

The fault code is there for a reason and if the fault remains, the fault code will be triggered again. What is the code for a start, as that might help us determine the issue, otherwise we are guessing at what could be any of a hundred reasons. :wink:

To answer the second part of your question - no the door handles are not the same - they each have different part numbers.