Seat belt Peugeot 306 hdi 2000 ph3

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Seat belt Peugeot 306 hdi 2000 ph3

Post by Welshy_Pete »

Hello I've got a driver seat belt which has started going on the edges warn frail bits.

Its for the driver side front. I was looking for second hand one. I've seen some and thought do the other sides fit as the driver side gets used more so thought if there the same I'd get passenger one.

Peugeot 306 hdi 2000 ph3


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Re: Seat belt Peugeot 306 hdi 2000 ph3

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No the left and right side belts are always different part numbers. It's also important to get the correct one depending on year and build. If you want the part, pop your VIN here (automatically masked from public view) and I'll get you the correct part numbers.

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Re: Seat belt Peugeot 306 hdi 2000 ph3

Post by Oldpug »

As always it's important to get a belt from the same year and model as yours. Also if your considering a used one make sure it has not come from a crashed car,as the pre tensioner could have deployed.
Try Dean Hunter at I bet he will have one.