peugeot 607 auto gearbox parts

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peugeot 607 auto gearbox parts

Post by drwdrwdrw »

Hi. Further to my earlier post, I had a diagnostic check done and the fault lies with the transmission range selector also called multi use connector or transmission range selector
This part bolts onto the gearbox casing and connects the gear selector cable to the gearbox electrics/electronics. Apparently it is easy to replace.
Anyone know a Peugeot or ZF parts specialist who could send the part by post ?

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Re: peugeot 607 auto gearbox parts

Post by xantia_v6 »

Assuming that this is a 4HP20 transmission, you should be able to get one from Automatic Choice. Called a position switch or Range Selector in their parts listing. ... 23-69x-lm0