DS7 Map update

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DS7 Map update

Post by Sussex by the sea »

so i have downloaded the new map update, yesterday i was driving for 55 minutes and it still did not complete,
anyone know how long it takes and if you can see anywhere a progress bar?

thanks for all your help

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Re: DS7 Map update

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It will depend on your signal / coverage no doubt and how big the updates are.

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Re: DS7 Map update

Post by Paul-R »

Is this the Tom Tom system? If the update has been downloaded then signal strength shouldn't come into it. If it downloads as it's updating then it will depend on the signal strength.

Going on the SMEG+ system in our 308 that takes about an hour to an hour and a half for all the countries including western Russia. Each country (more accurately, area) is updated individually and each one shows a progress bar so I would have expected yours to do as well. The same updates for the eMyWay system in the X7 take about 30 minutes longer but there are still progress bars.