C4 Picasso mk2 injector fault code

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C4 Picasso mk2 injector fault code

Post by Rosanbo »

C4 Picasso Mk2, 2013, 65,000 miles, DV6U engine. code P0265

While going 70mph on motorway it suddenly lost power and was rough like 3 cylinders, "ESP/ASR fault, have vehicle repaired" came up on dash.

It was in Limp mode. I stopped & restarted but no change. I drove it home, in limp mode, about 14 miles, I used the paddles to change up the gear, got home ok. Was it a bad idea to keep driving on possibly 3 cylinders? I'm thinking possible damage to cylinder/piston because no fuel ?

OBD2 reader says 1 fault code P0265 - cyl 2 injector circuit high
also says batt volltage is 11.8v, running it is 14.0v

P0265 Control of injector for cylinder No.2 : Short circuit to positive

The injectors on my car are part No. 9802448680 you can see two of them on top left hand side of the engine without removing anything from the engine.

New injector from Ford £165, I read they are £450 from Citroen?
Has the same part No. as mine.

Some videos say to put a socket over the fuel inlet projection and wiggle the injector clockwise/anticlockwise as you lift it out.

This article written 2012, only mentions the sleeve removal for siemens injectors.
https://pmmonline.co.uk/technical/injec ... 6-engines/

Thanks.. for any advice..

Hydraulic removal tools exist and cost about £1500 so I won't be getting one of these.

using a slide hammer on a mk1 C4

ESP electronic stability programme (called ESC in the user manual)
electronic stability control incorporating the following systems:
*the anti lock braking system ABS
*electronic brake force distribution EFBD
*the emergency braking assistance
*the anti slip regulation ASR or traction control
*the dynamic stability control
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Re: C4 Picasso mk2 injector fault code

Post by Athens1896 »

I know it is a long time ago you changed your injectors but of interest what did you do with coding the ECU with the injector calibration code?