ConnectedCAM (C3) and Android Auto / Internet Connection

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ConnectedCAM (C3) and Android Auto / Internet Connection

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Hi everyone,

This question is to do with our recently-purchased C3 1.2 PureTech Flair. Does one need to have the phone's WiFi always connected to the in-built Dashcam? My wife is having trouble with her Android Auto (Spotify, Maps) working because she doesn't get internet connection because she's connected to the camera.

So, once it's set up, can she forget the camera on her phone's WiFi, while still having all the benefits? Then she can use her mobile data for maps, music etc.

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Re: ConnectedCAM (C3) and Android Auto / Internet Connection

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You can unpair the camera - the only reason you really need to connect it is if you are taking pictures and uploading them to social media using your phone. If you are not fussed about that, then don't pair it with the ConnectedCam app.

The other purpose it is there for is for when a bump or an accident occurs where it takes a sort 30 second video and then a minute after - which it should save to its internal storage memory. You should be able to download that from the internal storage if needed.