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Tell us a little about yourself, lie if you have to but keep it to just an introduction, not a car discussion.

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I'm new to the forum. I am no stranger to French cars, my first was an S reg Clio, followed by my favourite motor - R reg Peugeot 306 1.9 D Turbo. I had a couple of Peugeot 307's after that, wasn't wowed by them. I'm now driving an Audi A4 but that's just because the lease was ridiculously cheap.

I have joined the forums because we just bought my wife a C3 1.2 PureTech Flair (67 plate). The touch screen needed updating so I've gone through the chew on of getting that to work and managed to get my wife's Android Auto working.

I have a few other Q's so thought I'd sign up to the forum.


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Re: Hello!

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Hello, and :welc: to the Forum. Feel free to ask any questions; that is why the Forum is here. Don't worry if threads go off topic, that is normal here! :D

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Re: Hello!

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Hell Razor5543 wrote:
29 Nov 2019, 16:54
. . . Don't worry if threads go off topic, that is normal here! :D
But only a lot :!: :lol:

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Re: Hello!

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Hi SF and welcome. :welc:
You will find a lot of terrific advice on here as well as good natured banter and all the technical help you will ever need!! Post up your questions with the car's VIN, which will be blanked out and only legible to the admin group who will be able to help you out. Have a look around the rest of the forum from the Board Index link above and join in wherever it takes your fancy. :) :)