Fuel stop solinoid problems.

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Fuel stop solinoid problems.

Post by gamble »

1) High all, after weeks of hell trying to get past the anti theft wall on my 2002 1.9 diesel multi space.
I throught I had cracked the problem. Only to discover when I remooved the "bell housing" holding the fuel stop solinoid in place. That there are three wires leading to the solinoid. I have been told that two of the wires are to do with the imobiliser.

This has given me even more of a dilema as the replacement solinoid that I bought from ebay has only one wire atachment.
I am not bothered about the imobiliser working. So is it as simplle as resting the solinoid on the engine block (to provide an earth) and touching each one of the three wires with the the conector on the solinoide untile the solinoide depresses? I dought it is as simple as that, as nothing so far has been simple.
Could anyone out there tell me what to do as I have got myself into a bit of a pickle.

2) The second problem (self made) is that when reconecting the bootom cable to the fuel pump (lucas/Delphi). I think in maual it is called the fast idle cable.

I droped the solderless niple down into the engine bay, never to be found again ( I will learn one day to put a rag underneith impottant bitts). I have made do with fitting a motorbike type solderless nipple. But with all the 'Angst' I have foggoten where the arm was positioned.
As you look at the engine from the front should the lever be rottated to the right (pasenger side) or more fully to the left ( drivers side) I think this cable leads to the thermostat/fuel filter housing.

I am nearly sixty years of age and not brillient with computers. Will the place where I retreive any help on this subject be difficult to find? I am more than happy to have corespondece sent to my email address email address removed - admins have access to it untill I get used to this site.

Many thanks Steve in Sheffield.

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Re: Fuel stop solinoid problems.

Post by xantia_v6 »

I am no expert on these engines, but I think you have a DW8 engine that was used across a range of PSA models.

You will find some useful information (but beware of false leads) in this topic: https://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/ ... hp?t=30280 see the second page!

If ou have some patience, a browse throuogh these search results (multiple pages) may give more info: googlesearch?cx=000757428655895309399%3 ... itesearch=