Dash cam fitting

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Dash cam fitting

Post by Dave308 »

I have a 2013 308 active nav version i would like to hard wire a dash cam to car has anyone done this and have pictures or could tell me what fuse to piggy back and where i can earth it.

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Re: Dash cam fitting

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Have a look at my post here - it's for a C5 X7 - but the principle will be the same, with a variation in trim and layout of course.

As for the fuses, the guide also shows you how to use a piggy back fuse. What you need to decide is whether you need ignition switched power only or permanent power as to the correct fuse to use. I recommend switched power so the camera switches off with the car - otherwise you can forget to turn it off and it can flatten your battery....

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