Too much LHM ?

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Too much LHM ?

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Me again !
You may remember just over a month ago, I replaced my LHM without flushing.
When we replaced with the new stuff, we put in the amount given as the capacity in the haynes manual ( yeah, we forgot about the brake lines ! ).
Anyway. since then:
a) brakes need bleeding ( this weekend ).
b) I have a leak.
c) I'm topping up 1L / week.
The leak appears to be coming from around the area of the lower through-bolt in the pump. I've visually inspeced the top of the pump in-situ, and it appears to be dry.
I've wiped the bottom of the pump, and the side near the belt. Above the bolt was dry, below wet. The belt was dry.
Sounds like a straightfoward leak ?
BUT.. when it's been left for a while ( overnight / at work ), the STOP light stays on for much longer than before the lhm change ( it was ok for a week after the change ).
The only way to get the light to go out, and the suspension to rise is to stick some lhm in the tank, sometimes up to 1/4 L. During the 'topping up' it seems to foam about all over the place, like a geizer.
The other thing is that the level indicator has appeared to have been 'stuck' to the top of the bulb, except I took it out today, and it didn't seem to be jammed, in-fact if anything I would say it's correct in telling me I aparently have FAR too much LHM in ( there's around 6Cm of the stick above the reservoir before it goes to 'normal'), thats with the suspension on high - the back is stuck at normal again :( .
Is it simply that I do have too much LHM which is causing all my problems, or do I have many weekends work to come ?
Any help / pointers appreciated.
( A Xantia owner and enjoying every minute of it. Nice to have a car I can 'fiddle' with ! )

alan s
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You can't create problems through having too much LHM in the system. It has a breather/overflow system that simply lets it go; over everything you don't want it to usually. <img src=icon_smile_shock.gif border=0 align=middle>
There is a possibility that you are losing more than you realise whilst travelling. I presently have a leak on the steering box of my CX and whilst it only leaves a drop when parked, I have to top up the fluid once a week. As a guide to correct level, forget the silly yellow tag thing; I don't even bother looking at them as they're more ornament than use. I usually stick my finger down the filler hole & if I get LHM on the tip of the finger, that's about right.
Another source of LHM loss can be a sphere with a leak in the membrane. This can allow fluid to escape to the region normally occupied by nitrogen. It may also explain why you are getting foaming in the LHM tank as that is another symptom. Just stay alert for the suspension to stiffen up or accumulator/regulator to start clicking in close succession. And; clean your filters in the LHM tank even if you did them when you changed the fluid. They can soon fill up with rubbish after a fluid change if the system is a bit crappy. They can make BIG difference to both performance, reliability & longeivety of the hydraulic system <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
Alan S