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Official forum

Post by ChrisJackson »

Hi all,

I have just took part in an official forum test for DS for the last week. they are launching a new website to get anyone looking to buy a car on and talking with owners to push genuine responses and real stories from owners to help sales, or so they have sold it to the prelaunch group.

Personally I think this is a great idea for new owners but is this something a manufacturer has done before? I'm used to using forums and google to answer any questions but definitely an interesting one that they are looking to bring this in house?


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Re: Official forum

Post by Iansel »

You have to carefully consider anything you read on the Internet! Most forums questions and responses are made in good faith and are generally helpful but occasionally you get misleading or inaccurate information. I would be extra wary if the forum were operated and moderated by a manufacturer rather than a non partisan user group.