Performance and Fuel Consumption issue

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Performance and Fuel Consumption issue

Post by Papaian »

I have recently had the timing belt and water pump in my Peugeot 206 GTI 180 changed. Sadly not by a Peugeot service centre.

Since I got it back the once great over taking surge it had is gone, it just slowly gathers speed and there feels like a drag of some sort.

The fuel issue seems related, I filled my tank, the estimated distance and fuel consumption read 612 jams, I drove 400kms t which it was almost empty.
Now, there is supposedly an issue with a crack in a card somewhere on the fuel sender which was glued, there is no apparent leak or smell in the car and this was discovered before the timing belt was done with no performance issues

Can anyone give me an idea of what may be wrong

Thanks in advance


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Re: Performance and Fuel Consumption issue

Post by RussellF97 »

Possible cam timing out. From experience, engines will still run but not too well... Might be worth getting it checked by someone who knows what they're doing.