Auto wipers

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Auto wipers

Post by Neilied »

Hi all

Where is the sensor for the wipers when on auto. They seem to be very erratic on my ds5. Sometimes I have to cancel them as they are going at full speed with almost no rain and more dangerously at times they are almost the slowest intermittent during heavy rain. Sometimes off and on brings them back correct but seems very ineffective.


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Re: Auto wipers

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Windscreen, top centre and about 10" down. It's essential you keep the sensor area grease and grime free. I suggest you use a bit of glass cleaner and give the screen a complete clean on a dry day. If the glass is allowed to build up with road grease it will be very difficult to get rid of it in one treatment. You may need something like RainX glass cleaner to cut through the grease.

Then gently clean the underside of the wiper blades and remove all the black road dirt deposits before use on your newly cleaned glass.

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Re: Auto wipers

Post by DSlover »

Mine do exactly the same on my 2014 DS5, I find the sensor a little too sensitive, not the best Auto Wiper system to be fair.