DS7. Lighting for driving on the Right

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DS7. Lighting for driving on the Right

Post by Iansel »

Slowly ploughing through the 200+ pages of the handbook. Can’t seem to find what I have to do (if anything) when I take the car over to France.

Anyone know?

DS7 Prestige three months old

Also is there any way of displaying on the screen that my mobile phone is actually connected?


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Re: DS7. Lighting for driving on the Right

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Can't help you with lights on the continent - some have been told (if you have directional lighting) that it is fine and that they don't do a conversion kit or masking. The DS7 may not any changes - but check with the dealer and they should be able to confirm.

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Re: DS7. Lighting for driving on the Right

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

It may well behave in the same way as the 19 reg Audi TT my cousin has, in that the lights are tied into the GPS system (more to go wrong!!!). When he went to the Continent the headlight system automatically adjusted the headlight direction depending on the country he was driving through.

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Re: DS7. Lighting for driving on the Right

Post by TheBadger »

I recently spent a week driving in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany with my DS7 and didn't have any problems with oncoming drivers flashing their headlights at me. I did ask the MyDS Customer Service team before I went whether any headlamp adjustment was needed and if so, how I would do that, and they responded that the profile of the headlights was relatively flat and shouldn't affect oncoming drivers. That seemed to be the case.